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Silicon Beach Spaces Participates in Two Days of Expert Dojo Investor Festival in Santa Monica

Jon Varsano and Brian MacMahon Photo
Jon Varsano and Brian MacMahon #expertdojo #siliconbeachspaces
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Dan Perlstein taking notes of start up pitches

Representatives from Silicon Beach Spaces were in Santa Monica for the last couple of days while attending the Expert Dojo Investor Festival. Jon Varsano, Dan Perlstein, and Andrea Bartalsky listened to start up companies give their investment pitch to the room, then spoke with company representatives regarding the Silicon Beach real estate market and how start up companies can make wise choices with the office and manufacturing space needs.

Silicon Beach Spaces also spoke with several investors regarding what’s in their companies best interests in regards to commercial real estate needs whether in Santa Monica or other surrounding communities. Brian MacMahon of Expert Dojo hosted the event which brought investors and start ups from around the world.

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Dan Perlstein and Sean Ahearn of 360 Dome #siliconbeachspaces #360dome

Over 80 active investors and venture investors came to Expert Dojo’s Santa Monica Accelerator and listened to the best startup pitches anywhere. Expert Dojo has over 80 of the highest caliber investors attending and can cater for seed, series A and series B funding.  They have something for every great startup. Yet again the biggest and most powerful investors in Southern California and beyond stepped up for early stage startups.  Here were a few of the superstars which attended – Lightspeed Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, NewGen Ventures, Upfront Ventures, BCG Ventures, Accel Partners, TenOneTen Ventures, B Capital, Lighter Capital, Arrowroot Capital, Hillcrest Ventures, Autochrome Ventures, Interstate Ventures along with 15 more super angel and another 20 venture firms from out of state.

Playa Vista Office Guide: Silicon Beach


Current and Recent Companies in the Playa Vista area:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Microsoft
  • Verizon/EdgeCast
  • Yahoo
  • TMZ
  • Sony Playstation
  • Electronic Arts
  • Belkin
  • IMAX
  • The Honest Company

  • Key Properties: Office, Warehouse, & Campus
    • Water’s Edge, 5510 Lincoln Blvd
    • Spruce Goose Airplane Hangar (900,000 sq. ft.)
    • Collective Campus, West Bluff Creek Drive
    • Hercules Office Campus (formerly Hughes Aircraft)
    • Playa Jefferson Office Campus (Vantage Property)
    • 12130 Millennium Drive
    • WeWork (co-working space), 5782 Jefferson
  • Rental Rates
    • $5/sf/mo, Playa Vista, 2016 Q4

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Toolbox LA Hosts Social Justice: Challenges & Trends

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, Jon Varsano and Dan Perlstein of Silicon Beach Spaces attended the Toolbox LA Event at Cross Campus in DTLA titled “Social Justice: Challenges & Trends.” The speakers and panelists included:

  • Ruby Guillen, Founder & CEO of Humanistic Technologies which is a group of professionals who bring together deep knowledge of social services and technology to solve problems of efficiency, and improve the impact of the helping professions.
  • Vincent Libretti, Owner & Founder of Akcpt which gives an opportunity to a person who has been neglected by honoring them and fostering their talent. The objective of this company is to employ seasoned local workers to produce apparel in California, and simultaneously train interns to be employed by the company within a set period of time.
  • Jason Gurvitz, Co-Founder of Hidden Tears Project which is a media company that partners with non-profits across the country to raise consciousness through media on gender inequality, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, all of which are intrinsically connected.
  • Marlon Fuentes, 360° VR Producer at Buzzfeed which is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The panel was hosted by Vatche Azirian, a Make in LA Mentor. Silicon Beach Spaces was proud to have participated in this event which focused on Social Justice and the funding sources for these important causes. As part of the start up community and tech sector, Toolbox LA given these worthy issues a platform that will utilize the latest innovations to broaden their reach.

Santa Monica Office Guide: Silicon Beach

Current and Recent Companies in Santa Monica Market Area

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter
  • Oracle
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Salesforce
  • Hulu
  • Activision
  • Dogvacay

Santa Monica Silicon Beach Spaces

  • Key Properties: Office, Warehouse, & Campus
    • The Water Garden, 1620 26th St.
    • Pen Factory (Clarion Partners), 2701 Olympic Blvd.
    • Santa Monica Airport

Santa Monica Creative Office

  • Rental Rates
    • $7-$8/sf/mo, Downtown Santa Monica, 2016 Q4
    • $5-$6/sf/mo, Santa Monica, 2016 Q4

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Silicon Beach Spaces Partners with WeWork

Silicon Beach Spaces is proud to announce a collaboration with WeWork which allows our clients to utilize the vast global network of shared work spaces. WeWork provides a workspace, community, and services that you need to make a life and not just a living. They have built a platform that allows their members to focus on growing their businesses, while they take care of everything else.

WeWork always strives to spotlight their members such as a billboard in Times Square or feature them in an article in Creator Magazine. There are often WeWork events,  which are both social and professional in nature and really helps to build communities. Whether you’re looking for a one-person office or need space for a 100-person team, their enclosed, lockable offices provide all the benefits or membership, plus an added sense of privacy.

You can access your space 24/7, and things like internet, cleaning, utilities, printing, and conference room credits are included in the membership.
Offices are furnished with desks, lamps, chairs, and filing cabinets. When you join the WeWork community, your footprint as a business expands beyond the city where you work. With locations worldwide, members have access to workspaces and tens of thousands of creators around the world.

Silicon Beach Spaces is a team of commercial real estate agents that services the property needs of growing companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. They have partnered with WeWork to collaborate and build business communities in a shared economy.We satisfy our clients’ long-term real estate needs by offering continued support for lease renewals, re-negotiations, relocations, subleases, and property acquisitions.

Silicon Beach Spaces Sponsors Founder Meet Funder Event in Santa Monica!

Silicon Beach Spaces was a proud sponsor of the Founders Meet Funders event on Tuesday, April 25th at  41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica. The event was a “speed dating” themed event where start-ups were able to connect with funders and pitch their business ideas to potential investors. It was a great opportunity for Silicon Beach Spaces to meet the companies as well as the funders and also to get to know our community. We had the opportunity to listen to some of the wonderful ideas that the start-ups had such as SAMI (Smart Answers to Modern Issues) whose mission is to transform the way employees learn and improve workplace behavior by delivering high quality interactive content with comedic storytelling. We also met founder and CEO Russell Ladson of Drop Software, which is an artificial intelligence start-up. It’s our pleasure to hopefully work with several of these groups in the future to secure their office and facility space needs. A big Thank You to Danny Jang, who is the founder of Founder Meet Funder and we hope to attend one of your next events very soon!

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Silicon Beach Spaces is a team of commercial real estate agents that services the property needs of growing companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. We position our clients in the best possible locations while minimizing their costs and risks. Our market knowledge and commercial real estate relationships add a professional team member to your business without any additional expenditure. We utilize all the necessary resources, years of experience, and an intimate knowledge of changes in the market to negotiate the best possible terms for your lease and acquisitions. We satisfy our clients’ long-term real estate needs by offering continued support for lease renewals, re-negotiations, relocations, subleases, and property acquisitions.

Santa Monica: Crown Jewel of Silicon Beach Office Spaces

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santa monicasilicon beach

Santa Monica is at the leading edge of the nation’s creative economy. Santa Monica has perhaps the highest concentration of creative individuals in the US. Nearly half of our adult population makes all or part of their living in arts-related fields. Santa Monica is also an internationally recognized, award winning sustainability leader. A quality of life like no other – the beach, cultural offerings, Big Blue Bus, bike routes, walkability, education, top-notch services, world-class farmers market and amazing weather.